Book Review ~ Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Hi everyone! March has been completely hectic for me so far. From juggling university work with dance and reading books for reviews I have been fully booked most days (pardon the pun, it was unintentional). I have read less than I would have liked in March, but what I have read I have been completely in love with. So far this month I have finished three 5 star reads, I think it’s the most I’ve ever read in a single month. One of these reads is Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert. So without further ado, here are my thoughts about it!

  • Title: Act Your Age, Eve Brown
  • Author: Talia Hibbert
  • Publisher: Piatkus
  • Publication Date: 2021
  • Pages: 393

Taken from the Blurb:

Eve Brown is a certified hot mess. No matter how hard she strives to do right, her life always goes horribly wrong – so she’s given up trying. But when her personal brand of chaos ruins a wedding, her parents draw the line. It’s time for Eve to grow up and prove herself – even though she’s not entirely sure how…

Jacob Wayne is always in control. The uptight B&B owner expects nothing less than perfection from his employees, so when a purple-haired tornado of a woman applies for his open chef position, he tells her the brutal truth: not a chance in hell. Then she hits him with her car – supposedly by accident.

Now his arm his broken, his B&B is understaffed and the dangerously unpredictable Eve Brown is fluttering around, trying to help. Before long, she’s infiltrated his work, his kitchen – and his spare bedroom. Sunny, chaotic Eve is his natural-born nemesis, but the longer these two enemies spend in close quarters, the more their animosity turns into something else entirely…

This book has further cemented Talia Hibbert as one of my favourite romance authors. This book captures a relationship in a way that felt so natural and organic. The main trope of the novel, enemies-to-lovers, is portrayed expertly. The relationship has definite moments where you feel as though Eve and Jacob might not be able to put aside their initial differences, that is the making of a good enemies-to-romance novel. Their personalities differ greatly and it was nice to see a good variety of representation within the characters. Hibbert’s inclusion of an autistic love interest was well done. The autism was not overly played nor referred to excessively which made it a smooth character trait rather than diversity for diversity’s sake.

The plot is fast paced and I easily got through the book in one sitting. Eve’s journey from her family home to the B&B was quick which I enjoyed. Once she arrived the action was non-stop until the end. Romance’s that occur in a single novel need this level of pacing. There were moments when the romantic relationship was developing where I was happy to wait to see how it would turn out because the writing kept me engaged, even through some of the slower passages. What I really give credit to this book for is the depiction of sex. Unlike your average romance novel where it seems overly constructed the scenes in this novel were unlike anything I’d read before. Hibbert’s mastery of having unique characters engage in unique acts was something I really enjoyed. It wasn’t just sex and then it was over. There was nuances in the chapter which were unexpected but refreshing.

What Hibbert manages to capture so beautifully in this novel is two people who need each other. Eve and Jacob both have support systems but as the book progresses you realise they are so good together. It is a true Romance where I couldn’t help but fall in love with their love story, and that’s the key marker of any good Romance novel. The moments of tension were needed and played out well. I am a big advocate for the removal of miscommunication in Romance novels but here it almost seemed necessary for these two characters. The miscommunication towards the end only worked because Hibbert had put time into these characters so it was easy to understand how it would come about. She had me convinced that my least favourite Romantic trope was worth a read.

To sum up I wish the Brown sister’s series could continue forever. Eve’s story has definitely been my favourite. Probably as a the youngest sister I can find her part in the Brown family easy to understand. Once again Talia Hibbert made me fall in love with her characters and I didn’t want the book to end. Will most definitely be re-reading this one. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good Romance novel as it was just what I needed to get out a slight reading slump! I gave this book 5 stars on The Story Graph!

Content: This book contains: sex, sexual imagery, swearing (crass language).

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