Top Ten ~ Jacqueline Wilson Books

Hi everyone! After watching ‘My Mum Tracey Beaker’ my housemates and I talked about Jacqueline Wilson books for a while. Growing up in the UK in the early 2000s, I think, is synonymous with reading at least a couple of the many books she has published. I was a big fan of Jacqueline Wilson, having an older sister who also enjoyed them made it easier to amass a large collection of them. It was something that we shared together, when I was reading series like Percy Jackson or Alex Rider, I could be found with a Jacqueline Wilson book in my hand. So here are my Top Ten Jacqueline Wilson books!

  • 10- Double Act. One of the first Wilson books I ever read. I had a paperback copy I read so many times it eventually fell apart. Reading anything about sisters in Jacqueline Wilson books was also a bonus for me.
  • 9- Best Friends. I do feel like this choice has an aspect of nepotism seeing as one of the two main characters is called Alice. What I loved about this one is the cross over between a girl lead story and having Biscuits from the boy lead ‘Cliffhanger.’ It was a fun Easter egg.
  • 8- The Worry Website. A smaller book which focused on a whole cast of children. One of the hardest hitting moments in any Wilson book for me was Lisa not wanting to write down her actual worry, which involved her father, and instead choosing something more insubstantial. Wilson’s ability to discuss larger issues always amazed me.
  • 7- Starring Tracy Beaker. I’ll be completely honest here, I never really liked the actual Tracy Beaker books. I preferred the TV series so much more. However, this book revolved around putting on a productive of A Christmas Carol therefore won some points with me, the budding English Literature student in me loved this.
  • 6- Kiss. I remember stealing this from my sister when I was around 10. On the back it said it was a book for older readers. I do think it was my first encounter with any character who was gay or part of the LGBTQ+ community. I remember not thinking it was anything special at the time but looking back Wilson was a forerunner of discussing sexuality and trying to normalising loving who you love.
  • 5- The Lottie Project. I love the Victorian period. I love dual narratives. Therefore this one is just *chef’s kiss*
  • 4- Little Darlings. Once again, dual narrative. This time we’re throwing in celebrity culture. This was one that I stole from my big sister in order read over and over again. I think I still have her copy, oops.
  • 3- The Diamond Girls. This was stuck with me for a while after reading. Another of those ‘meant for older readers,’ and I definitely think I should have waited. I didn’t properly understand teenage pregnancy and the types of mental health depicted here but now it stands up of one of the Jacqueline Wilson books that I think I could read and appreciate as a complex book as an adult.
  • 2- Hetty Feather. There was always something special about Hetty Feather. Unlike Wilson’s contemporary novels, this one being historical fiction, this one focused on the Victorian past. Seeing Hetty realise who her mother is was a big deal to younger me. The other two books were great but the original will always be a great book.
  • 1- My Sister Jodie. I have always thought that this book encapsulated everything I loved about books when I was younger. It was a book about sisters. It was book which had some level of intertextuality, especially with Great Expectations/Jane Eyre. It wasn’t a book for younger children or one targeted at teenagers, it was a perfect book for a child who loved reading and wanted some darker themes. In my opinion, it’s pretty much a perfect book.

So there you have it. My Top Ten favourite Jacqueline Wilson books. Have you ever read any? What are your favourites. I haven’t read any of her recent releases, I think the last ones I ever read where Lily Alone and The Worst Thing About My Sister but I haven’t picked up any in a long time. I feel like 2021 might be the year where I delve back into some of these great reads.

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I am a 21 year old student who loves reading books which helps because my degree consists of reading books and writing essays.

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